I, usually, consider myself a person who can achieve all the things that he dreams of.

I mean, if we remove all the negative banter in our heads, what can we not achieve?

I once saw a group of people talking about something that they have not achieved as something that they cannot ever achieve. This was a total bummer for me because I had achieved that thing and I knew it was possible. The biggest thing was that the person saying these things was an elderly person I respected. Hearing such words from him, made me believe even more in my opinion that anything can be achieved.

But if anything can be achieved, what stops us? Whoa, let’s not go down that road because there are multiple answers to that question.

But, when in pursuit of achieving things, we see failures. There are times when we see failures that we know we could have easily avoided if we would have “given our best”.

If we would have given our best? Then why the fuck did we not give our best in the first place? What is wrong with us? We have the skillset, and we have the experience. What is stopping us from acting? Are we just dumb pieces of shit?

Ohh btw that’s the negative banter in your head that makes you question yourself and your ability to achieve anything. This self-bullying makes you go down the rabbit hole of, “You are not good enough. It’s not your cup of tea.”

But, seriously though, why can we not act on anything if we were totally qualified to?

After a lot of digging, I finally have my answer.

  • Lack of Inspiration
  • Negative banter

Read further to understand why these two steps are actually cyclical and they run in loops.

Lack of Inspiration

Don’t confuse it with lack of motivation because lack of motivation is sometimes a by-product of lack of inspiration. Once you are inspired, you get your motivation back. You start acting on it. You start gaining confidence. People start saying, “Yeah, he still got it!”

There can be multiple reasons to lose inspiration. I will not get into those reasons, but I do know how to get it back. I also know the feeling that I get when I get inspired.

When you are inspired, you always start looking forward to something. You start forming a vision. You start visualizing your vision (basically daydreaming). That is how you know you are inspired.

Kunal Shah, the founder of CRED and Freecharge, keeps saying repeatedly that you should follow your general curiosity. If you keep following your general curiosity, you are never short of inspiration.

If you are curious about how does a car engine works, then fuck it! Go ahead and dig deep into what a car engine looks like. Start learning about how it works. You found more things that you don’t know about in the process? Go ahead, understand them. In no time, you start building an aptitude for car engines and maybe you land yourself an opportunity to cash from this curiosity of yours.

Another thing Kunal says is to keep surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you and share some common interests with you.

Negative banter

You are short of inspiration. You end up not acting. You don’t see results. You start questioning your capabilities. You start doubting yourself.

This is the cyclical behavior I was talking about. This loop of self-doubt and not being able to take action due to self-doubt leaves you with even lesser confidence and inspiration.

That is why focus on getting back the inspiration that you previously had. That will, at least, get you to act on things.

So, when you are executing, you will see failures and you will start to go through this negative banter, again. In those moments, leave everything that you are working on and start visualizing your vision and dreams in two ways,

  • Try to imagine what will happen when you succeed. What will the future look like? Feel it!
  • Tell yourself why you are so sure that this will be the future. (No matter what, you HAVE to think of something that validates your vision. You have to. It’s not that difficult.)

Today’s moral

Meditating and then visualizing with a clear, unbiased, and unaffected mind is a powerful way to manifest your dreams into reality.